Aerobics: Tips on How it Can Promote Joint and Muscle Health

Aerobics works your heart, lungs and muscles to improve the circulation in your body. Oxygen-rich blood is needed to promote good health. Aerobic workouts will burn calories and improve the look of your skin. Strength training with barbells and weights will help your body shape up faster. Adding muscle will increase your metabolism so you burn calories more efficiently. Seek the advice of a personal trainer if you are having difficulty getting started. The books and videos about fitness found online are confusing. That’s because there isn’t just one method for getting into shape. There are hundreds of Read the rest of this entry »

5 Lifestyle Changes That Can Prevent RSI

RSI, or repetitive strain injury, is believed to affect around seven percent of American adults, accounting for roughly 14 percent of all doctor’s visits. In addition, it is the most common form of work-related injury and costs an average of 20 billion annually in worker’s compensation. Fortunately, there are several lifestyle changes that can help prevent this painful and costly problem.

Put the Phone Away

Texting is rapidly becoming one of the most common causes of RSI. In fact, it’s so common that doctors have dubbed texting-related thumb injuries “Blackberry thumb”. Consider talking on the phone more instead of Read the rest of this entry »

Strengthen Your Muscles and Prevent RSI with These Tips

When you are someone who does the same thing all day every day, you are at risk for repetitive strain injuries, also known as RSIs. These injuries have grown increasingly common ever since office work became one of the main sources of income for the population, and if you want to continue in your chosen career pain-free, there are a few things to remember.

First, make sure that you break things up. If you need to, Read the rest of this entry »

How To Prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

I used to do a lot of professional writing back in my earlier years. I remember this one time I was working from home. I had my ADT security Houston system online and I was locked away from distractions just typing away. Suddenly, out of nowhere, my wrists seized on me and I felt a sharp pain go all up and down my arm. The pain shot straight to my brain and the message was clear: Congratulations! You have carpal tunnel! Get to a doctor!

One of the leading, repetitive strain injuries we suffer in this country is carpal tunnel and it is mostly because many of us are engaged in work that has us sitting at our computers for 40 hours a week. When we constantly sit like this, our wrist pressed up against the edge of the desk, the strain can cause wrist injuries like carpal tunnel. One of the best ways to prevent this ailment is to keep the wrists elevated. Not only does it help prevent the symptoms, it is also great typing posture. There are also desk and office implements that can be purchased to keep your wrists safe, but there is just no beating good posture.

The Typing Myth: The Truth about the Development of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel is a condition in which increased pressure and stress is placed on the median nerve and tendons in this canal of the wrist. Contrary to popular belief, there is little clinical data to prove that Carpal Tunnel can be caused by repetitive and forceful movements of wrists and hands. In fact, most people that suffer from Carpal Tunnel do so as a result of a congenital predisposition.

The Carpal Tunnel is significantly smaller in some people, which can cause greater risk in sustaining an injury Read the rest of this entry »

Splints and How to Make Them an Ally in the Fight Against RSI

For the person who suffers from a repetitive stress injury, or RSI, life can be very difficult. Finding different ways to complete everyday tasks can become a challenge. There are many different treatments available to control RSI and help alleviate the pain and other symptoms.

Using a splint to help alleviate some of the symptoms of RSI should only be done at the advice of a physician or physical therapist. This is to ensure your splints fit correctly. Splints are Read the rest of this entry »

Take a break: Tips on Staying Healthy by Managing Time

Staying active is a good way to keep your self-esteem up and stay in good health, but being too active can be more harm than good. Excess of anything is a bad thing, or so they say. Living a healthy active lifestyle means that you can keep yourself productive without causing yourself stress. You can go about this by managing your time more efficiently, so that you work as productively as possible. For example, if you are Read the rest of this entry »

How Yoga Can Prevent Repetitive Stress Injuries

Yoga is a relaxing, yet very beneficial form of stretching. Not only can Yoga put you in the right mental state through concentration and relaxation, but it can also make your body stronger, and less prone to injuries. As we preform repetitive tasks throughout the day our muscles naturally begin to cramp up, which may lead to future injuries down the road. When stretching, and doing things like yoga, our muscles are allowed to stretch Read the rest of this entry »

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